Friday, February 8, 2013

Humor: top 10 Christian break-up songs

With St. Valentine's Day coming up, the weekend before is also a holiday for many people in relationships. It is "We Need To Break Up Because I Don't Want To Be In A Relationship On Valentine's Day" Weekend.

Unfortunately, so many people dump their significant others right before the annual celebration of love. Even more unfortunately, Christians have not had their own break-up songs.

Secular music has a lot of really good songs to use at the end of a relationship – mostly sung by angst-y, dramatic teenagers. Christian music was out of luck. Until now.

With a little addition to the title of some popular Christian songs, we have a list of go-to dumping songs for the church folk. Don't worry, we've got all the genres covered. There is even a Christmas song on the list of top 10 Christian break-up songs.

10. Kiss me ... goodbye.

9. Stomp ... yourself on out of here.

8. I lift my hands ... and wave goodbye.

7. I can play the background ... and you can play the solo.

6. Dare you to move ... far away from me.

5. I can only imagine ... dating you after today.

4. Mary did you know ... that I don't like you anymore?

3. 10,000 reasons ... I'm dumping you.

2. Who am I ... not your girlfriend anymore.

1. Friends are friends forever ... and that's all we are.

If you had to use one, what would your Christian break-up song be? Over at The Wardrobe Drawer, you can find the top 5 break-up hymns, just in case you like your relationships to end with a piano and organ playing.

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  1. Oh.. your list of break up songs is awesome. Hehehe, I also have my own list both of classic and new songs. Listening to these kind of songs remings me of how brokenhearted I was before, but eventually moved on easily because I've reached my limit of crying already :)))