Thursday, June 28, 2012

Olivia, we salute you!

Ahh Olivia Palermo...She was portrayed as the bitch on The City, but how can you dislike someone who always gets it so right!
Heres a peek at a few of my favourite looks from the queen of couture...

Monday, June 25, 2012

Summer Spark: One Week Left + My Summer Dress

Hello, all, we're in the homestretch for the Summer Spark Sew-Along! 

With my returning health (slowly, slowly), I managed to finish my garment, Jalie 3024, in a striped bodice and black skirt. The bodice is a 100% bamboo knit -- so drapey! -- and a double knit for the skirt.

Like all homesewn things, I could gripe about it. I got a little overzealous with the full belly adjustment, I hadn't foreseen the drape of the bamboo and, in hindsight, I should've held out for the perfect stripe. Though it's hard to photograph because the stripes are so thin, it's still lovely in person.

Adventure: Saturday brunch and a quick marina walk with an old friend. 

But when it comes to a throw-on-and-go dress for my various summer adventures, I couldn't be more pleased. I feel stylish and comfortable. And with the cool that sometimes moves in with Bay Area summers, the double-knit gives the dress some weight and the lightweight bamboo makes it easy to layer.

This morning, with a bit of cool in the air, I wore it with a gray cardigan and coral, floral scarf.

So I'm not sure I'm sold on the kimono sleeve, but I LOVE THIS PATTERN. I feel so, so curvy in this dress, too. Rrrrrrroar.


You know, I really liked the pace of putting this garment together. It was an easy garment, yes, but I liked having a single month to think of a single garment rather than rushing through projects because my sewing queue is endless. I think I might try to organize my sewing this way even after the Summer Spark Sew-Along.

But how are your lovely garments going? How's the pace suiting you?

Post your final garments in the Flickr group by July 4 to win one of three fabulous prizes!!!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012



Hi folks, this is what my life has been like the past six days. I got a nasty virus, and I've been couped up in bed, unable to do much except watch TV-shows on Netflix and cough and sneeze and shiver and sweat. Ugh.

But the fog is lifting and I'm going to attempt a normal day today. We'll see how far I get.

I see I've missed lots in the Summer Spark Sew-Along! Bear with me as I catch up on both your garments and my own :)

Good health and happy sewing xo