Monday, August 6, 2012


I don't know what it is about the fair that turns me into a child again, it could be the extremely potent smell or frying and sugar that gives me an energy rush from the second it hits me or the familiar sounds of laughter, screams and booming music that I always seem to know the words to; whatever it is, it makes the fair my favourite place in the world. I make a point of going every year. This year I decided to wear the nostalgia by using the 90s (my childhood) as the main theme for my outfit. As the sun goes down the lights start to sparkle, looking upon them makes the whole place seen enchanting, I think that's what I love most; that for just a little while in time, a mundane space can transform into a wonderland, a place that sparkles, where you can fly, defy gravity and then disappear as quickly as it arrived, as if it stows away quietly in the dead of night and is left as my little secret.